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Which Headers will work for my car?

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I have a 70 El Camino with a ZZZ 350 crate motor (1987 vintage) with aluminum heads, angle plugs and I'm running factory A/C (bracket mounts through manifold bolt hole on driver’s side). I have a TH-350 tranny and stock steering setup. The car is lowered about 1 1/2 - 2 inches from stock. I would like to install a set of "good quality" ceramic-coated headers. Anyone have any idea what will fit/work for this combo? If the A/C is the killer, are there any other mounting options for an original equipment compressor?

Thanks in advance,
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i would check withHedman they are a good low cost header..Like the ball and xocket flanges. Jegs or Summit may have them, be sure to let them know of the angle plug
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