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Which engine??

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I was wanting to get several peoples opinions on what engine I should put in my '67. The three types of engines that I am considering are 327, 350, and LS1 swap. I have a T350 transmission in the car right now, along with a 327 and 350 block but I have not taken either one to a shop to check what the true bores are. My ears are open so give me some of yall's opinions!

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Do you have a budget or end goal? Are you looking for a particular horsepower range or vehicle purpose (cruise-ins, street with occasional strip, daily driver, etc.)
Well, this is my opinion (which is just opinion.) If you plan on swapping out later then it would likely be cheaper to go with the 350 block now. 350s are absolutely everywhere and parts are more than plentiful from the aftermarket to bone yards. You might not win many drag races but you can definitely stay within a limited budget and have a fun driver with all the aspects of a muscle car. Obviously the first step before you begin with either motor would be to have them checked and make sure nothing is cracked and is in usable condition. The LS would definitely be a good option if you are looking for a reliable, more modern route but I definitely don't think that will in any way be the low cost method.
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