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My wiper motor has been out of my car for 12 years +...

I'd like to put it back in... I picked up a brand new GM replacement and new pump, But I am unsure which terminals are which...

I have the stock wiring harness and there are the 4 wires (yellow, black, Light Blue and Dark Blue, with yellow being the "+" and the other three being the "-" for the two speeds and the pump...

The wiring for the motor itself has two connectors, the yellow and one of the others in one connector and the other ground in a separate connector... It looks like all these terminals on the motor (three?) are evenly spaced... Which one should the yellow go to? Once I figure that, the rest should be easy...

Same thing on the pump... two terminals, one yellow... but which one...

I don't want to short out a brand new motor...

The wiring diagrams doesn't indicate which terminals...


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Tony, the motor on my 67 is a 2 speed, and has 3 terminals on it. The yellow wire should be a double wire, one for the pump and one for the motor. This is the way it is wired.

Hope this helps.

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