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Which cam?11.80s possible

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Building a 383 right now with about 10.6 comp,old set of sportsman 2s with 2.05-1.60 bowl blend 62cc.Vic jr 750 dp,1 3/4 headers with 3" full exhaust.3500 stall,4.56 gears with 29x10 tires.3360 race weight.Basically taking my 350 combo with a 383 shortblock.Now the question which cam, comp cams cs-296AH-8 HYD 246 253 .050, .510-.507 lift 108 lsa or solid cam xs282s 244-252 520 540 lift 110 lsa.I have 1.5 and 1.6 rockers to choose from also.I kind of want to stick with a hyd because of a better chance of not wiping out the cam.Alot of horror stories with a solid cam not breaking in properly.I don't want to take out the inner springs either.Anyways trying for 11.80s is it possible with the hyd cam.Anybody running a hyd cam in the 11s without some expensive AFRS or some aluminum heads.
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Hmmnn sounds pretty close . The solid lifter cam might give you a little more torque and more stable top end rpm horsepower . Either cam should get you in the ball park .
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