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Where to install clutch return spring with pics

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Every once and a while someone including me asks that question. No problem with stock exhaust manifolds. But than you change to headers now you have a problem of where to connect that return spring. Someone a few weeks back posted an idea I thought was a good idea. So I tried it and it came out excellent. This is for 1 3/4 tube headers. Doesn't seem to be a any larger clamp. So I'm showing my results for someone else to decide if that will work for them or not. On my previous headers I just connected a hose clamp to a header tube and connect the spring to that. Works fine. But after a few years of using that set up I replaced headers and when I removed the old headers I saw deep gash in the header from the end of the spring mashed against the tube for so long, and I guess slight movement. Again, this was someone elses idea but he had not shown results, only said he was going to try it and that was that. Maybe he will tune in after seeing this thread. Heres the part he showed:

Its a roll bar clamp, this one 1 3/4 tube. A hole has to be drilled into it to be able to connect the spring
Heres a few pics with the clamp and spring on number 7 header tube on 68198 hedman elites. I shortened the spring a bit. Spring is lined up with adjusting rod and rubs on nothing. And no signs of clamp trying to twist as it is tight on the header tube. Will it come loose, don't know yet. But I will keep an eye on it.

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Well done. I just went through this. I did the old hose clamp on the header tube.
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