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My horn relay has 5 connections. on the front towards the engine is a red heavy wire and a fusable link on the other front connection.
There are 3 more that I'm not sure of. coming out of the forward lamp harness are 2 more wires that look like they would go to the horn relay One is pink and black that goes to the buzzer but where does it go on the relay? The other one is a black wire,where does it go on the horn relay?
Does the one thats left go to the horns?
Also I can't seem to find the place where the horns bolt on to the radiator support if thats where they bolt on at. I have a small horn and the other is a little bigger.The car is a 69 chevelle ss. Please let me know where the horns bolt on .
Thanks for any help

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On my 69, the horns mount to the hood catch mechanism. One on the right and one on the left, toward the front of the car. I'm sure someone has a photo to help you. The wire to the horns runs from the relay and clips to the underside of the body header panel kinda out of sight.

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