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Wheel Hop

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Am going back together with my car that has been apart for years. When I was driving it , I remember the thing I HATED WORST was when I wanted to "burn out" from a dead stop the rear end would bounce very badly, What can I do to eliminate this and retain as much origonality as possible. Obvious modifications such as ladder bars are not an option. THANKS!!!
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In an old Chevelle the most common cause of wheel hop is simply that the rear control arm bushings are old and rotten. Crappy shocks can be a contributing factor. Having reinforced lower control arms is a good idea, along with the add on bar to connect the upper and lower rear control arm mounting points to strengthen that part of the frame. Past that it often comes down to geometry and pinion angle. The guys who have jacked up the back end of their Chevelles to clear big tires have screwed up the geometry. If your bushings are new and good, then the least expensive way to eliminate wheel hop is to shorten your rear coil springs ~2"+/-. Lowering the rear changes the launch geometry, which can also be done with the different SSM and other no hop bars.

Wheel hop can occur on either a coil spring or a leaf spring setup.

Here is a website with a lot of info on rear suspension setup:

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