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wheel bearing/spindle damage question

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well, i want to make sure my spindle wasn't damaged by a spinning race. the inboard race was moving about 020 or 030 inside the hub, and i want to know how i can tell if the spindle got damaged. how much clearance does the inner wheel bearing inside diameter have to the outer diameter of the spindle that it rides on? should it fit tight? interference fit? dead on? or?

basically, i junked the wheel hub, and i got new spindles/hubs etc. from someone. i want to see if i can just replace the wheel hub should the spindle be undamaged, and avoid to have to take the current spindles off. i got a buddy coming to town very soon and i want the nova to be together enough so we can go get pulled over like the good ol' days :D

thanks guys
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The bearings should be a snug slip-on fit. If they have .020" slop on the spindle, its junk.
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