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Wheel Backspacing '66 SS

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I have a friend who also owns a '66. His back wheels are 10". The biggest I could make fit under mine were 8" rallies. He swears there are no modifications done to his wheel wells. Does anyone know how he done this? He bought the car with the wheels on it. It's not where I can look at the car, he sent me pictures, but I can't tell.
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Several years back, I had Weld Draglites (15 X 8) 4.5" backspace with Mickey Thompson Indy Profile S/S N50-15 (27.5" tall, 11.8" tread width) on the rear of my '66. I also still had the polished wheel opening moulding, at first glance it looked unaltered and everybody that knew better had to poke their head under there. I had ground the lip across the top, stopping just short of the moulding mounting holes. If I had 4 passengers and hit a hard bump while turning they would rub. I would have to say that these were about the biggest tires that a '66 could swallow, 1/2" or so off the outside and I could barely put my finger tips between the inner well and the tire.
With the rearend dropped over the tires, I switched to the L60-15's (28" X 9.5").

Just my experience, hope it helps
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