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Wheel Backspacing '66 SS

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I have a friend who also owns a '66. His back wheels are 10". The biggest I could make fit under mine were 8" rallies. He swears there are no modifications done to his wheel wells. Does anyone know how he done this? He bought the car with the wheels on it. It's not where I can look at the car, he sent me pictures, but I can't tell.
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When you get over 8 inch wide on the rear you really need to pay attention to the backspace and test fit/measure the clearance BEFORE mounting tires on the rims. I have 17x9's on the back with no clearance issues. the rims are 5.5" BS. Not all cars are exact. When I mounted mine I had to loosen all the body mount bolts and shift the body to one side to even out the space on each side. I was intending to go to a 17x10" rim, but they were not available in the rims I bought. I'm actually glad I didn't. They probably wouldn't have rubbed, but why bother if I didn't need to?

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