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Whats Ur Guys Opinoin On Procharger Vs Weiand?

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Whats ur guys opinion on procharger vs weiand? want to keep it for the street but go to the track whenever to play around. Want the stock hood to stay on though. Dont want to go to crazy but crazy enough to wipe out all the imports i see cause its making me puke. thanx a lot guys.
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I have built cars with both. Both '68 Camaros, both stick, 5sp vs. 6sp, Weiand 383, Procharged 355. The Weiand car has way more down low, and is a way easier install, just bolt on, get a blower carb and go! The Procharger needs way more fab work, more fuel system, trouble with belts, etc. That said, the Procharged car is WAY faster. It just cost more.
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