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Whats the order for the seat belts for a 70 with bench seat? I know the front retractors go on the outside but where does the latch go for the middle passenger of the front seat?
Same on the rear, what is the correct order?
This car had the belts removed long before I got it.

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There will be 2 groups of belts bolted to the center tunnel on the floor right behind the seat. They have a vinyl/plastic cover over them and run up through the seat. Each group will have 3 belts. The driver side has 3 female belts and the passenger has 2 females and one male. The one female and one male is for the center occupant and the rest are there for the driver and passenger to use the lap belt and shoulder belts.

The rear should have 6 belts bolted to the floor under the rear seat. Not 100% sure on the exact order but you would of course need one male and one female per person. (3 people) There are only 4 bolts on the floor so 2 of them will have 2 belts each and 2 will only have one belt per bolt.

Hope that makes sense! LOL

BTW, with the shoulder belts on the roof, there will be 16 belts total.

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