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what's next? gears?

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I have a 72 ss with a new 350, stock vortec heads, 212 in 222 ex @.050 cam, 9.6:1 comp, Edelbrock RPM intake, carter 625 carb, full length headers, 2.5 in. exhaust w/ flowmasters, and a th350.
The engine has been rated at 330 horse does this sound correct? My real problem is rear end gears. What should I be running? Right now i have the stock 2.73
gears and i know this is killing me. The car is a dailyu driver for now. I was thinking 3.55's or 3.73's?
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Consider changing your intake to Performer, instead of RPM. This will increase your low rpm HP (torque), & should not hurt high. You are probably shifting below 6000.
Your intake / gear combo. is killing your launch.
Then: how's your traction?
Probably the 3.42-3.55 Wes suggested is enough gear.
3.73 is no problem if you cruise at 60-65.

100+ is much better cruising speed for me.
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