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Whats it worth?

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Wondering what you guys thought. Sorry don't have too many specs on it. Seller did say the interior needs new carpet and the paint is not perfect. I am yet to see the car in person. Just wondering what value the 468 added to the car. Thanks.
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Thanks for the reply Jimmy. I realize it is hard to estimate without actually seeing the Chevelle. I was more just asking that if in fact the body and other things are in good condition, then $12k would not be a bad price to be asking??
Thanks, I will definitely have to have an experienced mechanic check it over as I am not smart on all those things. I emailed the seller just now and asked him all the above questions. I will let you know his response.
Here is a reply from the seller:

"Engine probably has about 450 hp. Turbo 350 trans. Very little bondo.
All steel body but could use a few spot repairs and then blocking.
Bench seat.
Front disks and rear drums. Its still a project but wouldn't take very
much to make it awesome. You could drive it and work on it at the same
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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