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Whats it worth?

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Wondering what you guys thought. Sorry don't have too many specs on it. Seller did say the interior needs new carpet and the paint is not perfect. I am yet to see the car in person. Just wondering what value the 468 added to the car. Thanks.
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Several factors to consider. First off he seems a might high. Now if his 468 looks fresh & crisp and drives really well and runs great that will add value. But I'm guessing a sweep dash, bench seat, column shift, 350 turbo, 10 bolt rear with a 468 that needs freshened up with the interior needing work. Check for bondo around the wheel wells, the trunk drop offs and behind the front fenders, around the back glass. Look for rust in the trunk, trunk drop offs and the floor pan, under the bottom of the doors. Now if it has a good shape 468, buckets, console, 12 bolt pos, instrument dash, disc brakes and no bondo or rust its a bargain. Good solid car with a decent big block, maybe 8k with some of the above options maybe 10k, all of them buy it quick.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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