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What's a 69 396 CE block worth?

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Edit: 4 bolt mains as well.
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Depends on the buyer. A person just looking for a 396 or big block $5-600 or less depending what is there. Someone trying to make it resemble a certain 69 maybe a good bit more. Other than a L-78 which might be going into a documented car or a motor that happened to find its original car they are just another big block.
I guess a lot of guys would pay that premium but not me. I would think that for it to bring extra $$$ it would have to be misrepresented. If I was going to do that I would just buy a motor with all the correct stampings that at least said it did once live in a chevelle. A CE block could have been placed in a variety of vehicles. It like the one I mentioned are still not the original motor. How do you describe it to someone after it is installed ...."This is a 69 factory replacemant motor that came out of another car. I do not know what model" After that it is only speculation.

A JA, JC, JD, JE, etc. coded motor tells you it was born in a 69 chevelle and the date gives approximation of build. Certainly a more original to a chevelle type motor and worth $5-600 unless it is a L-78.

But........As Always it is different strokes for different folks or egos in this hobby.

No offense just my .02.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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