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What year radios will fit in a 70 Chevelle?

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I need to get a radio for a 70 Chevelle, what other years will fit and be correct?
(E mail me if you have one for sale)
Thanks BC
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The 70-72 are a direct swap. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, depending on what you have and what you install, the wiring harnesses will probably be different. For example, if you change from an AM to an AM-FM stereo, the radio harenss/connector will be different, so try to at least get the connector end of the harness.
Even though 70-72 will interchange, the 70 ONLY had a green tint to the light in the dial (that's because there is a transparent green paint along the top of the clear plastic dial where the light shines in). My 70 has an AM-FM stereo from my former 72 wagon which I special ordered new. I had the radio end of the harness/front speakers wires and had to make up wires for the rear speakers.
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