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What steering arms can I use with ATS spindles

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I'm one of the guys who is waiting on steering arms from ATS. I was wondering if any of you guys knew of steering arms that are compatable with ATS spindles. I heard that there maybe knock offs being produced but I'm not sure who that is. I know Tyler from ATS does not want to say the name of the company publicly so it does not hurt his business. I already gave Tyler my business so me knowing who makes the knock off is not going to hurt him. To minimize any damage to ATS, please private message me if you know the name of the knock off vender. I do not want to hurt any small business but I do not want to get screwed with worthless $1000 spindles neither.

I have already missed a summer with my convertible because of this back ordered part. I pay monthly for the garage ($125 per month) where my Chevelle is being worked on. I've been waiting since May. You do the math. The delay is costing me money and taking the fun out of this whole project and i just need to push forward.:secret:

Tyler, if you are reading this. I'm also volunteering my labor for a whole weekend to help get the shipments going. I'm willing to travel to your location. That is if you can get me the steering arms.

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