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What should I do!!!

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I need to upgrade my fuel system and need to do it quick.

Option 1, replace stock gas tank with a new one. Use the stock pump(with sock removed) and run the 3/8ths line up to a Volumax mechanical pump.

Option 2, same as 1 but sump the tank and run 8AN line to a volumax mechanical pump

Option 3, put in a fuel cell run some 8AN line to a volumax pump

I have a replacement tank in my garage, but I have to mount the filler neck on it and possibly have it sumped.

The downside to the fuel cell is that I drive to the track and need somewhere for my slicks, there is a possiblility that I can fit both into the cab and will look into it. Its a little tricky with 30" slicks and a rollbar.

What do you guys think I should do.
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My $0.02

You don't need/want a fuel cell nor sump your stock tank if this is primarily a street car. My '66 has gone as quick as 10.30's at nearly 130 mph with the stock unsumped tank. I used -8an fuel line with a dead head regulator and Mallory Comp 140 electrical pump. If you're concerned about dependibility of an electrical pump run it in parallel with a mechnical pump and only enable the electric pump when you're at the track. Don't overthink the fuel system. This is an area where I think many of us tend to belabor the issue. Simple is better, IMO. If you want to get real fancy (and $$$) look at a setup like Rick's Hot Rods Stealth tank. Very nice setup with internal baffles, internally mounted/submersed Aeromotive A-1000 pump, AN fittings for supply and return, stock compatible 90ohm sending unit, all stainless steel. I have on on my car now to feed the EFI system, probably overkill for your application.
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