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have a 9:1 CR 350
144 blower 5-7lbs of boost
Sportsman II cast heads
234/244 .524/.544 112/110 hyd flat cam

Makes 391rwhp 406rwtq with a liberty gear tko 600 5speed. gone 11.80s but looking for 10s.

I have an induction solutions "saturday night special" plate system on it now and will be spraying it was a 75hp shot to start and then working up to a 100-125hp shot. I have a fuel cell, aeromotive electric pump, -10an feed line, and nice fuel log with good regulator. but I need to figure out what plugs to start with.

Ive run NGK ur6 plugs and champion RV8c plugs with this motor and haven't noticed difference between two brands.

What would be a good plug to run with nitrous? I was told to go cold as possible without fouling plugs. the car is a street/strip car

found these two part numbers not sure if they would be a good match





any input would help.

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I would try a 7-8 heat range plug. 6-7 would likely be fine on boost alone but on larger spray shot 7-8. Smaller shot 7's should do it

May have to play around with it. Look for heat mark on plug after a pull to verify
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