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What next in trunk area?

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I am closing in on the deck filler, trunk gutters, etc. Going to install the pkg tray and deck filler and drill locating holes.

From those who have done this, should i install the full trunk floor before the deck filler, or can I access all the trunk later with the deck filler in place?

I am leaning toward welding in the deck filler, then the trunk, and the tail panel last.

Suggestions wanted.
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Ahh, I kept the bottom of the trunk hinges attached and the new package tray seems to fit well. The whole mess, including the package tray, deck filler and trunk lid is now aligned and marked to as good as it will ever be.
Thanks. I did save the back seat brackets. Figuring out the location may take some finagling. Got trunk drop offs

Can the package tray and deck filler be welded together off the car and installed as one or should the package tray be installed and then the deck filler?
It can easily be dropped in place with both pcs together.

Issue to me was that the two have to be plug welded from the bottom if done one at a time.

Access seems to be ok to weld the deck filler when installing together.

Trunk hinges seem to be the biggest obstacle.

Found that I ordered the package tray extensions last night, had forgot. So now I have figure out how much of them to install.
Got the front of the trunk out today. Pita. Mucho grinding, spotweld cutting, etc. But look at the pretty control arms I put in ten years ago....
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Raider, thanks, I am leaning that way.

Just figuring out how to get the rest of the trunk out.
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