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What next in trunk area?

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I am closing in on the deck filler, trunk gutters, etc. Going to install the pkg tray and deck filler and drill locating holes.

From those who have done this, should i install the full trunk floor before the deck filler, or can I access all the trunk later with the deck filler in place?

I am leaning toward welding in the deck filler, then the trunk, and the tail panel last.

Suggestions wanted.
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.i don't think you will have issues either way BUT make sure you keep one end(top or bottom) of the trunk hinge brackets welded in place.when i did mine i cut out the spot welds on the brackets on the wheelhouses, replaced w.h's and welded the brackets back to the w.h's
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before cutting the top ones under the want to keep those in the exact same spot or you might have trunk alignment issues.
See less See more other thing.did you save the old package tray?as the front edge has the brackets for the top of the back seat,the ones that come with the new tray kinda suck.also one word of advice.before getting rid of the trunk floor make a note of where the backup light wire goes thru and drill the hole.i got mine all in and bumper on and went to run wires and was like wtf.i atually pulled the bumper and need that hole location if anyone happens to know off the top of their head?
also trunk drop offs.make sure it has the drain holes right behind the back tires if not make sure to cut those out too.
i don't know if you could get it in there if it was welded together.i guess you could try it.get both pieces in place and screw them together and then see if you can get it guess is it would be a p.i.t.a.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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