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what kind of V8

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I'm thinking of buying a 350 v8 I found one in the local classified. The guy said it is a Chevy 350 V8 Crate. Not much help other than that. How do I determine if it a Vortex, ZZ4 or first gen 350. I'm new to this so is there a p/n to look at or can I tell just by looking at the block. I'd eventually like to research the specs.
Any thought would be helpful.
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The more info I get the more questions. He said it is about 3 years old vortec, 350 v8. Where can I find specs about this engine, where do I start, look for the block number or p/n. He said it also has iron heads not aluminum.
I'd really like to know what i'm getting, anymore help please.
Guys, do you think $1000 for 3 year old 350 vortex complete carb to oil pan is a good deal. I just bought it.
Have you ever heard of buyer's remorse? If it were a zz4 or a fast burn crate , I know it would have been a good deal, but because it is a vortec, which I'm not to familiar with (never had one), I think it's an alright deal, but I was hoping someone might recognize I struck a great deal and got a bargin based on experience and say so. He'll pull the motor and deliver it. I guess I was looking for some encouragement and/or advice since I've never purchased a used motor before out of a junked car and I simply gave him what he was asking for. I'm just hoping the vortec can deliver performance for the street like old fashioned Gen. I 5.7 L 350 V8.
Thanks guys for your comments
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