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What kind of power should this combo be making??

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Kinda new to this stuff guys so if I miss something or use the wrong term/context, feel free to correct.

400SB, 4 bolt main, bored .020, decked .010 & align honed
Stock crank & rods
Keith Black flat top pistons
Comp Cams Magnum Camshaft Part # 12-211-2
Duration @ .050 224/224, lift .470/.470
Stock heads w/ competition valve job
Stock stamped rockers.
Mallory Unilite dist w/ Hyfire VI-A ignition
Accell Super Coil w/ Accell 8.5mm wires
Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold
Holley 600 (model 4160) fed by a Holley electric (Blue) fuel pump.
RCI fuel cell plumbed back to front with Proflex -6 AN stainless steel braided line & all correct fittings
Flowtech headers w/ 2 1/2 exhaust & Dynomax turbo mufflers

Also anyone have recommendations on where to go next? This is a street vehicle/weekend cruiser. I want strength & reliability over anything else.

Roller rockers?
Better heads?
Been told I need to feed it more fuel... will a 750DP do the job?

What do ya think??

Thanks for any input.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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