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What kind of power should this combo be making??

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Kinda new to this stuff guys so if I miss something or use the wrong term/context, feel free to correct.

400SB, 4 bolt main, bored .020, decked .010 & align honed
Stock crank & rods
Keith Black flat top pistons
Comp Cams Magnum Camshaft Part # 12-211-2
Duration @ .050 224/224, lift .470/.470
Stock heads w/ competition valve job
Stock stamped rockers.
Mallory Unilite dist w/ Hyfire VI-A ignition
Accell Super Coil w/ Accell 8.5mm wires
Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold
Holley 600 (model 4160) fed by a Holley electric (Blue) fuel pump.
RCI fuel cell plumbed back to front with Proflex -6 AN stainless steel braided line & all correct fittings
Flowtech headers w/ 2 1/2 exhaust & Dynomax turbo mufflers

Also anyone have recommendations on where to go next? This is a street vehicle/weekend cruiser. I want strength & reliability over anything else.

Roller rockers?
Better heads?
Been told I need to feed it more fuel... will a 750DP do the job?

What do ya think??

Thanks for any input.
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You might have around 350-375 HP. Any head with 200+cc runner being Dart, World, Brodix, or AFR etc. Running the bigger Comp Magnum like the 294S would help with the bigger heads, roller rockers will give you better reliability if you are stepping up the cam, a 750 would be a better carb also. You already have a good intake though. This set up with the upgraded heads, cam, and carb will bump it up to around 450 HP.

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