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What is it?

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Hi folks I just picked up an engine.The guy told me it was a 396. The engine casting is 3855961 and the heads are 3856206. Could someone tell me what i have and if the engine and heads are a good performance combo.Thanks Guys
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Here you go,

3855961....396.......65-66...2 or 4 bolt

3856206....65-66...oval..CLOSED..396, 97cc chamber

Great block & lrg oval port heads with small chambers for good comp ,makes a great street perf motor but be advised it requires a grooved rear cam bearing and also a cam that has a groove in the last cam journal all for oiing the lifters.

Some of these 396 blocks can be safely bored to 427 because GM used the same 961 blocks for 427 bbc from the factory in 65 & 66 but to be safe i would have the block sonic tested before doing so .

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