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What is it worth....

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Well Folks.. Looks like the increase gas and food prices has taken its toll on me and I am considering selling my Chevelle. So please what do you think it would be worth.

1969 Chevelle. To the best of my knowledge is it an SS. I don't have any documentation, so I guess we can just say its definately convincing.

When my father was around he said he bought it new off the showroom in 69 in California where I grew up.
Everything you would expect to see it there, the rag joint, the suspension braces, 12 bolt rear, Turbo 400, 396, all emblems correct.

There are issues with the car, I would said at a minimum the quarters need attention. Far as I know not much rust, but a thick undercoating of somekind in on the chassis. Its a bench seat car. I've pulled back the part of the carpet and I don't see much surface rust, just a whole lot of blue (the original color)

Here is an album of several photos I took about a year ago.. Car has been in the garage since December of last year.

The picture of the radiator and shroud also is included.

I also have a 496 that could be thrown in for a few K more that should lay down well over 500 HP and a tad above 600 Torque.

Thank You,

Big D
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