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What interior kit to use?

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I am looking for a very complete interior kit for my '70 Chevelle SS. Looking for what you guys recommend as for a quality and fit.

1970 Chevelle SS396
402 BB, 400 turbo, 12 bolt, 4:10 gears.
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2002 Silverado HD, 3/4 ton. 6.0, 4 speed auto, 4.10 rear and 4x4.
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My advice is check them out before you buy. Our '69 seat skins are not rolled between the pleat lines and the back seat basket weave strip is about an inch narrower than the originals. These were supposed to be PUI and we bought them about 4 years ago. The quality and fit were excellent but the finish was not exact. Today could be a totally different story as people are starting to insist of things being absolutely correct, as they should be. If your old skins have minor problems, many times a good upholstery man can do excellent repairs that you won't even see.
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