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???? what happened????

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Ok I got my new blower motor installed. I am going to push the car out in the driveway to clean the garage. and It wont move. I check brakes nothing wrong everything clear. I jack up the rear and the back tires wont move take out the drive shaft and tires spin free as a bird. tranny is in Neutral. I look at the bottom of my tranny pan and right at the back there is a big dent. When I installed the motor my board fell of the jack and I didn't pay attention to it and jacked up the trany anyways (MORON) can or will this cause the trany to lock up. any help will be great full I don't have any money to fix it since my wife is Due this friday with my new baby girl and time is of the essence. Thanks a billion Eric
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It may be interfearing with the Valve body movements. I cant remember if there are any pistons that move back and forth at that point or if everything is contained. You could drain the fluid, take the pan off and straten it out or get a new one and see what happens.
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