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The only experience I have with hot cams is the one I got now. So before I give a cam swap much more thought I thought I’d ask for opinions on what changes I’d see.

I use the car on weekends street driving only. Sometimes when the occasion requires I’ll make a fast start from a red light (don’t worry I quit when I’m about 10 over the speed limit) or if I’m on my way to cruise in sometimes a vette or furd will pull up next to me and we’ll step on it. I rarely run the rpm up over 5000 rpm’s. The engine as it is set up now makes peak HP at 6100rpm for 553 hp and peak torque at 4500rpm for 584 ft-lbs. I have to run a high idle 1200 in park to keep an idle in gear ~700rpm. If I have to make a fast stop sometimes it will stall.

This is my set up.

Compression 10.5:1
Edlebrok RPM Heads. Intake 355 cfm @ 600 lift, exhaust 245cfm @ 600 lift
4.25 stroke
3” exhaust
Running a 3:31 gear
26” tire, thinking about going to a 28” if I can find a good one for 17” wheel.
2400 stall
This is in a 71 vert.
Cam in it now is comp cam XE 284
Lift 0.574 0.578
Duration @ .05 240 246
Lobe 110

Cam that was recommended for a swap.
Lift 0.554 0.572
Duration @ .05 233 241
Lobe 112

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Keep the cam...loosen the converter up a bit....a nice tight 10" would be perfect!
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