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There shouldn't BE anything inside the distributor cap to stick to a THIN film of grease.

I use white grease; and the thinnest film imaginable on the flat part of the weights and--especially--on the pivot posts.

Years and years ago--points ruled the highways--and there was a product called "Ignitionlube" sold in tiny squeeze tubes. If I could find that product again, I'd use it in preference to ordinary white grease. It was "thicker" and "stickier"; it stayed in place better.

The problem is not crap imbedding in the grease (which is also protected by the rotor); it's grease flying off the weights and contaminating the inside of the cap after hitting the rotor and getting flung again.

This is what HEI weight pivot pins look like when they don't get greased now 'n' then...see how the ones on the end are eroded by the hole in the weight?

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