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What do I need to do to put a 70 Elco 12bolt into my 66 coupe?

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Thinking of buying a 70 12bolt locally but not sure what I need to do to fit it to my 66?

Some quick research points me to...

  • 67+ has the raised spring perch
  • 68-72 is 1" longer overall
I don't have a problem with either of these since I can spare the offset on my wheels and I can cut the pigtail off my 66 springs or weld a plate in place of the raised perch.

Do all the 4 link mounts, shock mounts, springs locations, and all that line up the same? What other issues should I be concerned with? Are the Camino rear ends different than the sedans? What about driveshaft issues?

Thanks all for your help.
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