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What do I need for headliner seat belts clips?

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I have a '71 chevelle that has clips on the headliner holding the seat belts up when I'm not using them. My friend has a '72 and his doesn't have those clips but has the sholder belt. I have found some people that will sell me some clips, but do I need any thing that they screw into under the headliner? I have never had to have the headliner redone because it's perfect, so I dont know. Is there some holes behind the liner for the screws? any help would be great. thanks Derek
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Derek, Im only familiar with the 69's but I would think that if the car has shoulder belts then it should have the clips, at least it should have came from the factory that way. you can measure the screw hole distances from the moldings on the car that has them and get an idea of where to feel around on the car that doesnt. I can tell you on the 69's there is a little ridge that is stamped into the roof during production that is where the screw holes are. if you can feel around on the headliner and find this ridge, you can fell for the screw holes, if they are not there then you can mark and drill them on this ridge. hope this helps
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