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what do i look for in a broken trans

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i pulled the 350 trans last night. what do i look for as far as wear and damage goes?

i dont wanna pull it apart unless i have a basic idea of what im looking for...
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How do you know if it is the pump? Exactly what kind of trans experience do you have. More importantly, do you have the tools to complete this job. IMO. I would reinstall the trans back in the car and take some trans oil pressure readings:yes:. If you hook up a trans oil guage to trans main line pressure port then that will tell you what exactly is happening inside the tranny. I believe at idle your looking for 45 to 65 psi, and in reverse 300 psi as it is not pressure modulated. With the car rear wheels safely off the ground, and the trans in drive you should see a 1 psi increase in addition to line pressure for every mph increase, kinda like a hydraulic speedo. This will check the governor. Exactly what do you mean by lack of shifting? Just in drive? I know this sounds like a lot of work, but unless you have torn apart many automatic transmissions you won't know what to look for. This is what a trans shop would do. I don't want to discourage you with this info. Just trying to save a lot of aggravation and un-needed expense. The tests are easy to do and will greatly help any one on here to help diagnose your problem.

Last but not least. This is very important. You need a trans pressure guage. A regular oil guage will blow apart as soon as you shift into reverse:sad:
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