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what can i expect from a rebuild/step up 454?

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let me give you the rundown on my current setup so you can see what im trying to achieve.

79 nova, cage, ford 9in with 4.11s, 3750lbs with driver.
th350 trans with 3800 stall converter ( too big i know)
454 .030 over, not decked, flat tops, 2702 oval port closed chamber heads. 98cc chambers, performer rpm intake, unknown long tube headers
worked holley 750, bench flowed 810cfm, dual feed single pumper, vac sec
cam appeared to be a gm 427/435hp 569 lift (i forget the rest)
staged at 2500rpm, 1.60 60ft, best 11.57 at 114.00mph
shifting 1-2 at 6200, 2-3 at 6400

I'd like to see a 10 sec pump gas timeslip but as always money is an issue. I'd really like to build a 496 but i doubt i can afford it. My question is, with bringing the comp up to 10:1, bigger cam, and matching the converter to the cam/car. what can i really expect? its 75% race car, 25% street car, and no power brakes so vaccuum isnt an issue. SO WHAT SHOULD I DO??? What kind of power can i expect from basically just boosting compression, bigger cam and correct
converter? many thanks for the advice
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Congrats, mid 11's means to me that your current set-up is working pretty good.

You could also look at the heads to make improvements. Has anything been done to them or are they stock?
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