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When Pypes first got started, we sponsored and participated in the Chevelle forums. It's been long overdue for us but we're back. The forums owners have been nice enough to create a special forum just for exhaust related topics. A lot of times, the exhaust system gets forgotten because its out of site unless it has a bunch of holes in it. But with all the motor technology available for our vehicles now, it can make a huge difference in the performance of your car. I'll be watching the forums and if I think I can contribute from all our experience, we'll chime in.

In the mean time, here are some questions we get asked often.

Q: How long has Pypes been around?

A: Pypes Exhaust was formed in 2002 by a couple of Pontiac Enthusiasts. The original systems were made for Pontiac owners and when the word spread how nice and inexpensive these systems were, other GM A-body owners realized those same Pontiac systems fit the Chevelle and other A-bodies. Now Pypes products span through most popular American car and truck models including Big Rig truck stacks.

Why Pypes Exhaust?

A: Pypes Exhaust is known for its high quality, mandrel bent, stainless steel exhaust systems that carry a lifetime warranty at a very reasonable price. Our stainless steel exhaust offers the same quality as some of the competitor’s brands, but is priced closer to aluminized systems. For that reason, Pypes has emerged as a brand that is considered a great value.
Mandrel bent exhaust systems will flow twice as efficiently as a compression-bent system (custom shop) and by now we all know that efficient flow is one of the main ingredients for power.

What are the benefits of a stainless steel exhaust versus an aluminized exhaust?

A: Once the aluminizing coating starts to wear off the cold steel is exposed and rusting starts from both the inside and outside. Depending on your location and driving habits, this may take place as soon as 1 year! Stainless steel exhaust should last the lifetime of the vehicle. With Pypes Exhaust Lifetime Guarantee on our products, you can be rest assured this will be the last system your car or truck will ever need.

Why do our systems utilize an X-pipe design?

A: The x-pipe design of Pypes Exhaust Systems scavenges the exhaust flow, which allows the exhaust to flow at a higher velocity through the system. The increased velocity increases the flow and performance which will yield an increase in Horsepower to about 10-20 depending on the application.
We chose the X over the H because the X helps with medium to high end torque while the H only helps low end torque which most of today’s motors don't really need more of. Pypes X-pipes also smooth out the exhaust tone on these higher hp motors and limits unwanted popping noises common on cold start up.

Are all X-pipe designs created alike?

A: No, there are basically 3 different types of designs that are being produced. The clamshell design utilizes 2 stamped pieces of metal put together like a clam. This design functions more like an H-pipe and is also prone to leaking over time. It is popular because it has a lower production cost. The second type we see is the home made X-pipe where someone simply cuts 2 holes into one pipe and welds two more pipes to that pipe. This design has literally no performance or sound improvement on your vehicle. Pypes has chosen the Siamese X design which more expensive to produce but achieves the best performance and sound results.

Q: “I want my car to sound like _______ , what options do I have”?

A: Pypes has the right sound and performance for everyone. Pypes offers 3 types of muffler options with most systems. The chart below gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of sound and exhaust flow from each. We also have sound clips available for each on the product pages on

Here's a new sound video of our new Chevelle system with “Street Pro” Mufflers on a stock SB Chevelle.

Q: What options do you have for my Chevelle?

A: Headers: While Pypes does not offer headers, we do a very good job of making sure our systems connect to most headers. If you are running a full length long tube header, you will simply need a collector reducer to meet you headers with our system at the dual humps of the transmission cross member. Determine the size of your collector flange. Pypes offers 4 sizes: (PVR10S – 3” to 3”); (PVR13S – 3.5” to 3”); (PVR16S – 3” to 2.5”); (PVR19S – 3.5” to 2.5”)
For mid length or shorty headers, Pypes offers mandrel bends and header flanges so you can make your own custom collector reducers.

Downpipes: Pypes offers stainless downpipes with flanges designed to attach to the factory manifolds. They are designed to connect to our systems or other systems if you have the slightly unfortunate experience of purchasing another brand system that doesn't offer downpipes.
Small block: DGU14S Big block: DGU20S

Systems: Pypes Exhaust offers multiple variations of our Cross member back exhaust systems. We offer 2.5” and 3” systems as well as 3.5" kits that dump before the rear. We offer them with an x-pipe, without an x-pipe, or our X-change x-pipe that has integrated dump flanges so you can run open exhaust or use with electric cutouts.

2.5”: (SGA10 – xpipe); (SGA10SS – xpipe 304 SS polished); (SGA30 – no xpipe); (SGA20 – xpipe with “high tuck”); (SGA11 – xpipe with X-change)

3”: (SGA13 – xpipe); (SGA13SS – xpipe 304SS polished); (SGA14 – xpipe with X-change); (SGA14SS – Xpipe 304SS polished with X-change_

3.5" XVA14 + several configurations of our 3.5" Race Pro Mufflers

Tips: Pypes offers OEM style 70-72 Chevelle tips in 2.5”: EVT54 and 3”: EVT56

We'll be monitoring this forum and from time to time should be able to contribute helpful information to help solve your exhaust problems in the future. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

Thanks for the opportunity to again be a part of your community.

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