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I got a call from a friend, wanted to hit the mud and sand, so I went wheelin' instead of workin' on the 'bird all day.
Had a good day, only lost a tail light, in about the first 5 minutes.
Tried to follow a Samurai up a tight hill, almost squeezed through unscathed, but at the top the rearend kicked left, went into the wall. Had some good fun, stayed there for about 3 hours. Mine's the Cherokee, basically stock drivetrain, with 4" Rancho kit, nerf bars for the rockers, and 31x10.5 BFG A/T's. This was actually the first time I took it wheelin', as I was working on it all last year, getting it running right, lifted, etc. Worked like a champ, didn't get stuck in the mud or sand. :cool: Took my son with me, he had good fun, says he'd like a Jeep now. Been thinkin' of handin' him the keys next month for his 18th b-day anyway, but he's gotta get his license first. His grades are up now, so I don't see a problem with that now. It is an earned privilege, you know.

Friend's Samurai showin' off.

Surf was pounding, can you imagine waves 20' high and over 1/4 mile long?

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