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Well it's not looking so good!

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The clubs first car show is planed for today and it looks like the weather is going to bite us in the a$$ AGAIN:sad:
I was looking foward to our event at Fuddruckers' here in Columbia today.
I missed the first car show at Myrtle Beach because of my Mom's back surgery. now we're going to get rained out.:mad:
It would be good to get some of that ol yellow stuff washed out of the trees:yes:.
But this is the first of three fund raisers for the kids. Fliers mailed out, posted in the paper, etc,etc.
I just checked radar again and it looks like it may stay more north of the city but cloudy, chance of rain no one is going to bring their cars out. :(
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What club are you talking about? I live in Gaston, and I would love to check out a show or two. When and where is the next one?
sounds good. I'll try to check one out. Thanks!
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