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Well it's not looking so good!

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The clubs first car show is planed for today and it looks like the weather is going to bite us in the a$$ AGAIN:sad:
I was looking foward to our event at Fuddruckers' here in Columbia today.
I missed the first car show at Myrtle Beach because of my Mom's back surgery. now we're going to get rained out.:mad:
It would be good to get some of that ol yellow stuff washed out of the trees:yes:.
But this is the first of three fund raisers for the kids. Fliers mailed out, posted in the paper, etc,etc.
I just checked radar again and it looks like it may stay more north of the city but cloudy, chance of rain no one is going to bring their cars out. :(
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well we're shooting for April 2 next saturday for the Old Car Drop-in if it rains that date out then we'll have to wait till May.
I am a member of the Columbia Classic Chevy Club
we do the cruise-in at Woodberry Plaza/Fat Boys on Hwy#1 in West Columbia
We also do the 2 shows at Fuddruckers on Bush River Rd
and the show that is at Napa Auto Parts on Airport Blvd in Cayce
We are back with Napa after the problems with the group doing the show at the old Columbia Speedway in 2010. NAPA wanted nothing more to do with that event and wanted us back at their site on Airport Blvd/Hwy302.

The Spring Fuddruckers Show has always been planed for the weekend after the big car show down in Myrtle Beach in March, for many years the weather has been good to us but 2010 March show was rained out like this year. Show planing is a crap shoot. We try to plan around other events in this area so that we don't step on others events. Spring Fuddruckers about 75 to 100 cars attend Fall Fuddruckers 30 to 60 cars. Napa in 2009 we had 127 cars not counting our club members cars. We only show our cars at our events we are not in the running for trophys or cash awards, door prizes etc.
I will post flier here when I am at a different computer, this one I am on now does not have our show fliers on it.
If you get by one of the shows I am the DJ / guy at the mic playing the music at our events come by and see me
April 2 - 4pm till 8pm or so at Fuddruckers Bush River Rd $10 entry fee per car
April 23 - 9 am till 4 pm at NAPA AUTO PARTS store / warehouse Hwy302 $20 entry fee per car get a flier at NAPA
The Cruise-In Hwy#1 at Woodberry Plaza 5 pm until 9 pm-ish a free event held on the second Saturday of each month starting in April running until December

please use the link in my signature below to go to the clubs web page hosted by Hemmings.
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