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Thought Id post up in case someone needs this info. Awhile ago I had a Weiand 9240, twisted snout, aluminum water pump start making noise. It was out of warranty so I thought Id try to find some parts to rebuild it. No part info can be found. Weiand themselves was unable to give me any part numbers.

So I just got a new pump and kept this one to take apart and get some specs on the internals. Hope this info can help someone out.

There are NO part numbers on either the shaft, bearings or seal.

Here are the specs Ive found.

Shaft is 5.665 long
Middle shaft (where the bearing rides) is .750 diameter
Short end steps down to .625 diameter and is .500 long
Lone end steps down to .628 and is 2.00" long.

Bearing is 2.125 long
Diameter is 1.500"
It rides on the .750 diameter part of the shaft as stated above.

Seal is 1.500" in diameter where it presses into the pump nose.
It presses into the nose .300.
Complete seal is .855 tall.
Small end of seal is 1.203 in diameter.

The seal is spring loaded and can squeeze down.

Hope this info can help someone.

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