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weatherstrip adhesive comments

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This is the "Permatex vs. 3M" thread.

I used permatex on my trunk and driver's side door weatherstripping. The stuff seemed pretty easy to apply, just make sure you have it opened up enough at the tip or its going to be a slow job and you will probably get a sore hand. (minds out of the gutter gents) It seemed to take a little time to set up, but I was pretty happy with it. It is also very tidy.

Today I wanted to install my weatherstrip channel & roof weatherstripping and while I was picking up some things at the auto parts place, I thought I'd give the 3M stuff a shot. First thing I noticed was, cool, on the end of the cap is a point for puncturing the seal on the tube. There is no adjustable tip, and I quickly found out why. This stuff is RUNNY! It wasn't even 40 degrees out in the garage. What a mess it made. Its all over my hands and it isn't easy to get off. The thing I like is, this stuff seems to set up pretty fast.

I think I'll use the permatex stuff for the pass. side door. I dont' want to have to sandblast my hands again to get the black gunk off.
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just did my trunk seal tonight i had the super weather strip adheisive black ran out so i got another tube it was yellow i didnt even know it came in yellow . what is the diffrence? i used it anyway so go slow and be careful.
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