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Weak brakes

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Lately my brakes have felt really weak. At first it just seemed that way when they were cold and got better after a couple hard stops, but now they are weak all the time.

From low speeds even considerate force applied results in the car slowly creeping to a stop...put it this way if I were following someone through a parking lot at a reasonable distance and they stopped suddenly, I'd prolly end up rolling into them.

Fluid levels are normal. Pads are about half gone, still a lot of pad left.

Other than bleeding them, what should I start looking at?

The brakes do have enough force to hold the car for a power brake, but actual stopping is what seems off.

Thanks for any advice!

PS: pedal feel is normal and doesn't go excessively far to the floor or anything
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Thank You for posting the fix, you probably saved someone a lot of headaches.
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