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Weak brakes

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Lately my brakes have felt really weak. At first it just seemed that way when they were cold and got better after a couple hard stops, but now they are weak all the time.

From low speeds even considerate force applied results in the car slowly creeping to a stop...put it this way if I were following someone through a parking lot at a reasonable distance and they stopped suddenly, I'd prolly end up rolling into them.

Fluid levels are normal. Pads are about half gone, still a lot of pad left.

Other than bleeding them, what should I start looking at?

The brakes do have enough force to hold the car for a power brake, but actual stopping is what seems off.

Thanks for any advice!

PS: pedal feel is normal and doesn't go excessively far to the floor or anything
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are the pads glazed? all it takes is to get them really hot once and they can glaze over not stop the car any more.
luckily,the fix is easy and cheap- pull the pads out and scuff them with some 80 grit sandpaper, and do the same to the rotor.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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