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What type of connections do the water temp and oil pressure sending units have for the GAUGE dash for a '69 BB?

EDIT: L34, sheet A9, shows oil pressure "switch" at rear of block above oil filter. The switch shown would most likely fit the wiring harness. MY OIL PRESSURE SENDING UNIT is at front of block. The existing and the new sending unit are both larger cylindrical with a spade connector, but I don't think the wiring harness will fit or reach it at front. Was the switch shown above the oil filter possibly for an idiot light dash? (even though the new harness was definitely marked as "gauge").

I've got new sending units to install along with new wiring harnesses. Looking at the wiring diagram, the water temp wire comes from front light harness, and oil pressure comes from engine harness. Question 1.) IS THIS CORRECT?

The wire in new harness seems to have a connector that would not fit the sending unit, but I don't know if it is the sending unit or the wiring harness that is wrong. Question 2.) What type of connectors are on the GAUGE water temp and oil pressure sending units? (

NOTE: The new sending units that I purchased match the existing units on the car.)

Any help?
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