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wallpaper rear wheel offset.

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thereis a white 70 chevelle with red stripes in the wallpaper section. does anybody have a clue what backspacing and size the rear wheels are. thisis the exact way i want mine. the car has welds on it also.
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That's Wes Colby's 70.

IIRC those are 295/65/15 drag radials in that pic. It has been awhile since the wheel/tire combo on that car was discussed but I bet info can be found either on his site or in the wheel/tire forum using our search function.
BTW that awesome ride is black and blown now :cool:

Edit here is the info off his site:

Rear: Monocoque 15x10" with 5.75" backspacing wrapped with BFG 325-50R-15 Drag Radials
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