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The adhesive sticking my rear view mirror to my windshield decided to crap out and let the mirror drop. So I got the proper stuff to put it back on, followed all the driections.
Marked the original spot for it on the outside of the windshield
Removed old adhesive
I hadn't noticed this before sine I never had to use the visors in the winter, but when I put my sun visor down it hits a good amount of the mirror (not just an edge).
So I thought, maybe the mirror sits higher up and the previous owner did it wrong? Nope, not enough room left by the visors at the top. Maybe it's not centered? Nope, my windshield has lines marking the center. Which leads me to two possible solutions, the mirror is too high (which doesn't seem logical as it would have to be moved down a good couple inches), or I've got a terirble set of visors.
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