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Don is Org. from New Brighton, Pa. -Beaver County. We both belonged to the " Rev-Masters " car club in New Brighton,Pa. We all grew up together. and we all raced at Quaker City, In Salem ,Ohio.
Don bought a Aztec Bronze Nova ( 6 cyl ) and he bought the kit to install a big block, From Sahli Chevrolet in Beaver Falls. ( Same place I ordered my 454 / M-22 El Camino) and he raced it at the Indy, Nationals. Also one time while we were at Indy at the Nationals. Dick Walker had a 58 Imp, 348-315-4 speed,rag top. ( our get around town car). Anyhow, One night the engine quit,, DAA.
I went to a used car lot a stole a part from a ford to get our Chevy running !---REMEMBER before the resistance wire the 12 Vts. were cut down to 6 Vts. for the points, WELL our resistor on the 58 burned out / Broke ? Dick ran the one I stole for almost a year.
Don is keeping the B.B. Nova. He also set an NHRA Record with his factory Prepared Ford Mustang= 8.51 @ 151 MPH. ( Ford built 50 Mustangs for racing 2002--2004?? ) Don has number 47 WHY? One of Dons,,, Fords race car or Thunderbolts is number 47 !
Don did very well in life, As he got older, He started golfing a lot. He liked to " T " off around 11:00 --1;00 PM. Had a tough time getting the " T " times he wanted, So,,, He bought the Golf Course.
Bottom line is this, You will look far and wide to find a nicer guy than Don Fezell.:thumbsup:
To date code myself: Got my first trophy at Quaker City. Salem ,Oh. in July ,1959. In my 38 Chev. Cp. C/G. I think back then they used a " SUN DIAL " for speed & E.T.
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