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  • Very Carefully.

    P.S. : &nbsp Has anyone ever removed and replaced a 68 Elky heater core? If so,please post some hints. Do you start from the inside or outside?

    F.L. : &nbsp If you can locate a copy of the October/November '97 issue of MuscleCar Review, there is an excellent article starting on page 48. It shows thestep-by-step how-to on heater core R & R. The article uses a 1966 Chevellefor the process, but I imagine an Elky would not be very different.

    S.B. : &nbsp I recently replaced one on my 1967. I do not know if it is required ornot, but I removed my inner fender. Most of the nuts are accessible fromthe outside, and I believe I had two that were under the dash. The glovebox liner needs to be taken out, and the controls need to be disconnected.Then the plenum assembly can be pulled out and the core replaced.

    H50 : &nbsp I have removed both non-A/C and A/C heater cores. The way to removethe core is unscrewing the nuts on the firewall and removing the screwsinside the passenger compartment. There are a couple of electricalconnections and the control unit might have to come out. I had to strip theventilator ducts. I would cut the heater hoses; however, when removing theinside "suitcase", be careful about spilling antifreeze on the carpet.Also, be careful with the insulation pad, since it might rip.

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