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valves clearance / 350

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Good day,

I like to know if my valves are correctly adjusted or that I need to tuned-up.

What is the correct valve clearance for the intake and outlet valves by a cold engine?

Me and my mechanic are from Holland and having a hard time to find the correct sources.

I'm running a 350 block and as far as I know, except for my cammel humb heads, is everthing standard. Or at least I didn't discover any special (preformance)rockers.

Many thanks in advance!

~who is very happy that finally his 'velle is in his own barn after 8 years~
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need to know what cam you have to say anything meaningful about the adjustment. Is it a hydraulic flat tappet? A solid roller? have a grind or part number?

Is it noisy? Is that what is driving this work?
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