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So for those of you who bought the (OEM valve spring compressor) then realized its a horrible tool by itself, I found a way to make it work......pretty easily. I know there are better tools out there, but for a quick fix this worked great.

Take a hose clamp from rad hose a put it over the spring but make sure its open decent. Take the V.S.C and attach it to the spring and tighten a little. Then slide the hose clamp up around the arms of the V.S.C and the spring (about the middle so it doesnt hit the retainer when compressing). Air up the cylinder (i used 35lbs of psi and that was enough to hold the valves closed) Tighten the hose clamp as tight as it can using a ratchet to make it go faster. Then compress the spring and pull it out. Then do the reverse to put the new one on, and then the next spring....etc. Easy peezy lemon squeezy. :thumbsup:
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